Collection of Cute Poems For Her / Him

Do you know that words of love in a form of  cute poems has a power to  capture anyone’s heart. Especially these cute poems for her or him , He or she may be your fiance or wife, these romantic love cute poems for her would definitely make them love you a lot. I think not all of us are capable of making our own awesome words that include pieces of love, samples & famous love cute poems are best way to use as alternative. These cute love poems are perfect for you. You May Also love: Romantic Love Status for Facebook

Cute Poems For Her | Cute Love Poems To Melt Her/Him Heart

We have the best , romantic and cute love poems for her that you are  enough awesome to  give to the special woman or man  in your life, may be it your girlfriend/boyfriend , wife/wife or anyone else. Below i am going to share some of the best written love poems for her/him. I also include I love you poems for her by sharing these cute love poems you will be able to express how much you love her/him. Check also Inspirational Quotes for Work That make Energetic .

Cute Love Poems – Sweet Things To Express Your Love


Love speaks no language but mine does pretty well

my eyes talk to you in a code that no one can tell

Love is supposed to be blind , but mine doesn’t at all

I knew when first we met

That for you , i would fall

I love You

 cute poems


You are very sweet

You are very smart

and I love You <3

With all my Heart

cute poems


For you my sweet angel i would die

i’d pick all the stars from the sky

And give then all just for you

To let you know how much i love you

cute poems


You are beautiful

Do not let them overshadow your beauty

with misconceptions.

Every one is beautiful, Believe me- i Know

cute poems


How our love come to be

no one knows

Neither of us realize

How it kept on to grow

It has come to this day

When our hearts are in sync

Baby anything you ask me to , I’ll do in a blink

cute poems


Kissing you is a calm for my soul

Being your love is my favourite role

cute poems


Whenever i see, A beautifu sunrise.

Whenever i see, the preety night skies

Whenever isee , A colorful flowers in a row

Whenever i see, A lusciously red rose

I am glad you are , The one my heart choice

cute poems


Its your smile, it gets to me every time

It speaks to me , it tells me that you are mine

its your smile, it warms my heart and brighten my day

its your smile, i ”ll bask in it always if i have my way

cute poems


May we always, be together

may we never have reason,to leave each other

May nothing in the world, ever drive us apart

is what i”ll always wish ,from the bottom of my heart

cute poems


I almost gave up in my life , with walls painted blue, till magnificient love touches me through you

Now we will face the obstaclkes of life togather, i really want this to be a routin that will last forever

When i was alone, i can’t stand my own, then heaven sent you here when the angels had flown

Since then i become so strong than ever, Lookup to my promise that i will leave you never

cute poems


texting you has become an addiction

chatting late night has become an affiction,

cuddling up with you is what i want to do all day

hanging on to every single word you say

cute poems


Those tears in your eyes, are telling you the truth

you did not accept the love, you did not accept me

I trusted you , you know, i gave you my all

But from your side, is all i could see was pain and tears in vain

No happiness and just the bane, its love lost for me

cute poems


Before you assume learn

Befor you judge, Understand

Before you heart, Feel

Before you say , think

cute poems


Beyond watching eyes with sweet and tender kisses

Our soul reached out in breathless wonder

And when i awoke from a vast smiling peace

I found you bathed in morning light quietly studying

All the messafes on my phone

cute poems


Roses are red, violets are blue

Hes for me, Not for you

If by chance, you take my place

I will take my first and smash your face

cute poems


Have  i told you yet, hoew much you mean to me

Have i told you yet, about all the happiness you bring

Have i told you yet, that you mean the world to me

Just in case i have not, i want you to  know that you are the best thing

Thats ever happend to me

I love You <3

cute poems


All ever wanted was to be part of your heart and for us to be together to never be apart

No one else in the world could even compare, you are perfect an so os this love we share

We have so much more than i thought i ever could i promise to give you all i have to give

i will do anything anything for you as long as live, in your eyes i see our parent future and past

by the way you look at me i know we will last ,i hope that one day you will come to realize

How perfect you are when seen though my eyes

cute poems


The first time i saw you my heart said

“yes she is the one have been in love with you madly since ever

cute poems


Don’t forget breath my air and feel my love

kiss my lips and taste my love

watch my eyes and see my love

Don’t forget to be my love

cute poems


Keeping our love growing maybe tough, the road to pleasing each other may be rough

But we will see each other through such that none of us will ever rue

Yet you may find this difficult to believe , your pains you may find this difficult to believe

you may think i’m just trying to deceive atlas! it is love receive

Moments of affection love may be few and fighting may seem due

coping with each other may not be in view but our love will forever be new

True love they say ,is full of trial especially when it will more than fill a phial

still the number to your heart i try to dial and that is because  I STILL LOVE YOU <3

cute poems



Ther are no words to describe how beautiful she is or how special she is or my love for her

To put these things into words would be to define them

to qualify them which mean to limit them

There would be a beginning and end

There are no definition fitting nor any limit

Nor begging or ended to her beauty

or to how special she is  or my love for her

cute poems


Yes i have been through it , our situations are similar, they are different just a bit

Tides of time are testing us , we do not ever bow down, Yes we will be strong babe

We are together & We will be so forever

cute poems


You are the light when there is no sun

You are the rainbow after the rain is done

You are the star that twinkle in the night

You are the moon that glows so bright

You are the wind that whistle my name

You are the love when the world is the same

You are the  flowers the bee’s never miss

You are the beach the warm sun kissess.

cute poems


I wish you knew the way i felt, every time i looked at you

I wish you knew my heart would melt when i thought of me and you

I wish you knew the pain you caused  when you chose to love someone new

I was about to tell you but i paused when i tried tosay


cute poems


Happy birthday my husband who is the reason behind my smile

You are more precious than diamond

And you make my life worth while

Meeting you was the best thing that has ever happend to me

You are my prince  and now the king

And forever will be , i will love you thorough out my life

And in the future  too <3

cute poems



Remember one thing that taking care of your love  is not an easy job. Man & woman are totally different species with different emotions and  needs. The question is that how can we  care for each other ? The only thing you can do to save your love is to be as considerate as possible & apologize each other when you have wronged. Have a loot at this: Happy Birthday Messages for Friends 

So these are the awesome collection of  cute poems, cute love poems or cute poems for her/him. If you are not able to express your feeling in romantic way, just pick up one awesome cute poem and share that poem on his or her wall on social media. Do it right now, I wish he or she will be accept your love <3


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